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    We make high quality boat paddles.

    Welcome to Buffalo Paddle
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    These paddles are tough enough even for fishing resorts. In fact, they were designed specifically for the resort industry.

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Welcome to Buffalo Paddle. To order please contact us for pricing and shipping estimates.

“It seems that paddles are used for everything except paddling.”

Being in the center of the very well renowned fishing destination of Red Lake, Northwestern Ontario, we identified the need for a sturdier boat paddle.
W e found that our clientele were very hard on equipment, especially paddles. It seems that paddles are used for everything except paddling. Prying boats off rocks, poling through rocks, jamming paddles into the shore when guests beach a boat and numerous other techniques are applied which normally destroys a canoeing paddle quite quickly.
T his is where the Buffalo Paddle shines: It is sturdy, much sturdier than any canoe paddle, and outlasts a canoe paddle without question. Unfortunately, fishing guests at resorts “still” manage to break the paddles, our paddles are good and Buffalo strong, but still not indestructible.

How It’s Made

M uch like the name, the Buffalo boat paddle is made in a sturdy manner. Final dimensions of the paddle are a shaft that is nominally 1- 3/8″ in diameter, the blade is nominally 5- 3/8″ in width. We begin with straight grained Kiln dried Aspen lumber for the paddle shafts which has been custom sawn for us. Shaft blanks are cut which are 2″ x 2″ by the length required for the paddle. We then laminate two pieces of Aspen, spruce, pine or fir lumber onto the sides of the shaft blank using a quality outdoor glue which then becomes the paddle blade and contoured handle.

N ext, we cut, contour, shape and sand  the paddle blanks using a variety of woodworking equipment to arrive at the final smooth flowing paddle shape. Three coats of Polyurethane are applied which seals the wood, protects, and produces a beautiful finish we are very proud of.